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Linawo is a permanent foster home to 15 abandoned, neglected and orphaned children. We are not merely a bed and a plate of food but a family to the children in our care. Apart from the daily love and care, we constantly consider how we can best provide for these children to become the best they were created to be. With our vision to provide each child with a tertiary education, we also work hard to ensure their current education is providing them with the foundations and education that they require. We currently have the two oldest attending the local high school, the three youngest are in a local pre-primary school, one in a special needs school and the remaining nine are being home schooled.


Why home school nine of our children?
When we moved to Pinelands in July 2010 we struggled to get our children into the local schools. There were various reasons given but this did not help us. For the next 18 months we commuted our children back into Elsies River where they continued to get an inferior education. At the end of 2011, out of increasing levels of frustration we decided to withdraw the children from their school and seek an alternative option. Through what can only be described as a series of God events, we employed a teacher to home-school the nine children. This has proven to be the best decision we could have made as we were able to take them right back to Grade 1 to fill in all the gaps in their education. Together with a ‘filled in’ education, we’ve seen improved confidence, healing of hearts and children with learning difficulties excelling beyond previous expectations.

Going forward, we hope to match each child to the best educational opportunity. We hope for the youngest children to start within a local primary school and to reintegrate some of those being home schooled. With education being the key to providing these children with a future, we are excited to watch them learn, grow and develop.


For a long time we wrestled with the huge need out there and our limited ability to address these needs. Then, following a call from a mother asking us to care for her two month old baby because she was unemployed, the vision was sparked to work with mothers in a preventative programme. Our first visit was with one mother and before we left we had a group of three mothers. The next week we needed to find a new meeting place as our original mother now had work. And so began the exciting journey of working with the mothers of Delft.

Today, the ladies have taken ownership of making and distributing soup to the children of Delft. They have developed beading and other income-generating skills, and have participated in workshops about child handling, living to the potential that God created us to be and how to run a business. The group now meets on a Saturday to accommodate all those who have been employed since starting this group.


Ivile means God hears (our prayers)

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Our logo is made up of an outline of our children’s hands, painted in and the inspiration of our logo.

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