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Linawo get photod and videos

We had a fun time recently capturing our family when Sachi Saville captured some amazing family photos. Go to our gallery to see more. Also, last Wednesday, Ivy and Heather re-walked Linawo’s story, while Okuhle Media captured it on film. The video will first be launched in Oslo, Norway when Heather visits our Friends of Linawo Norway group. Watch this space of the launch of the video at the beginning of November…

Treasurer – Peter Waller Sept 2012


Molweni abahlobo!! This very overdue newsletter has been delayed due to the action-packed year we’ve had. We were reminded of this at our recent Annual General Meeting where I couldn’t get my report shorter than 10 pages due to all the amazing developments and activities over the past year! We are truly blessed and very grateful for everyone’s support and care, Linawo would not be where we are without you! Mama Ivy turned 50 in June and was blessed by many of you to experience her very first airplane trip where she


The name of all the continents end with the same letters they start with.

Kid’s Comments


Our logo is made up of an outline of our children’s hands, painted in and the inspiration of our logo.

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