Meet the team

Ivy Konisi – Founder & Programme Manager

Ivy Konisi grew up in the Eastern Cape and was herself an orphan. As the youngest of five children, Ivy was raised for by her grandmother who was a Christian and did not believe in traditional Xhosa customs, including the custom that girls should not be educated but rather married off as soon as possible. Ivy’s grandmother did what she could to provide Ivy with an education and when funds ran out, Ivy’s determination (and a bit of defiance), secured her a scholarship to enable her to complete her high school education. After further decisions that released Ivy from becoming the 3rd wife of a neighbouring tribe’s king, Ivy moved to Cape Town. Here she managed to secure a job and provide for her two young children. Her grandmother’s dying blessing over her life was to take care of orphans like herself. 16 years later Ivy started fulfilling her grandmother’s blessing.


Ivy’s favourite childhood memory

I made a small clay house next to my grannies rondavel (round, mud house), which was my doll’s house. I then made mielie (corn) cob dolls using the cobs as the body of my doll and I dressed them in any scraps of material that I could find. I even made a mother and baby doll and would play with them inside their house for hours at a time. Some days, I would even steal some of my Ouma’s eggs and cook them for my doll family.


Heather Lane – Director

As a born and bred Capetonian, Heather has a passion for Cape Town and its people. After school, Heather went on to qualify as an Occupational Therapist and later obtained a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy. She has previously worked in the NGO sector working with youth at risk as well with international volunteer groups. This combined experience has created a good foundation for her work at Linawo. Heather started by volunteering her time and coordinating groups of volunteers before becoming a Member of our Board. At the end of 2009, Heather started as Director of Linawo and will be using her Occupational Therapy qualifications with the children and caregivers alike.


Heather’s favourite childhood memory

I used to love climbing the big fig tree in my family’s garden with my brother and cousin. We each had our branches, which became our imaginary bicycle, horse and car and we had many races and adventures in those branches. When we weren’t racing around on our imaginary modes of transport, we were collecting rose beetles that landed on the ripened figs. We’d collect a bucket-full and soak them in hot, soapy water – one way to kill them.

Nobuntu – Senior Foster Mother
Nobuntu’s favourite childhood memory

Nokwanda Poswa – Foster Mother
Nowkanda’s favourite childhood memory

Pam Berry – Homeschool Teacher
Teacher Pam’s favourite childhood memory

Veronica Lekhanya – Teacher’s Assistant
Teacher V’s favourite childhood memory

Board of directors
Linawo has a team of committed Board Members who see to the governance of Linawo.

Celia Dawson: Chairperson

Peter Waller: Treasurer

Marisja Kocznur: Secretary

Meaka Biggs: Member

Oné Dintwe: Member

Ivy Konisi: Member

Heather Lane: Member

Gary Mai: Member

Zingiwe Marambe: Member

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