Chairperson – Celia Dawson Feb 2012

Molweni abahlobo!!
It’s hard to believe that we’re already into March! So much has been happening at Linawo that it feels like we’ve only just settled into 2012! We had a very blessed Christmas season with many fun and blessed celebrations with special friends. The new school year has started with much excitement and change. Ntlantla started pre-school and is loving every single day that he’s there. Nwabisa didn’t initially get in to the Grade 0 class but we got a call 2 weeks ago to say that a space had become available. As Ivy now says, Nwabisa’s, “covered in friends”! Libuseni and Zodwa are also loving being at Pinelands High. They’re joined sports teams, the choir and other activities and just seem to be blossoming more and more each day. But probably the biggest change has been for our boys. Following another frustrating year and struggle in getting the children into local schools we made the big decision to homeschool our boys but more on that on page 2…

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