Madiba Day 2011

It seems that there is never a dull and slow moment at Linawo but I guess that is expected with a house full of such radiant life. We have recently survived a chicken pox outbreak with varying degrees of spots appearing on our children’s beautiful faces. But this didn’t keep anyone down for longer than they could help it! The children have been working hard at school this term as they work towards their goals to ensure they get to join the fun outing with Sis Heather and Boet James at the end of the term. We’ve also had some hardworking volunteers tutoring, fixing, cleaning, playing and generally helping out. Our garden has had another upgrade with new lawn going in. We’ve had a couple of visitors from overseas and we even went on a fun (and scary) boat trip with Meredith and Robyn from Houston, USA. We continue to fight some battles but we are slowly seeing the ‘walls of Jerico’ crumbling down. Thank you for all your care and support, we couldn’t do this work without you.

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