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Whether you’re a local South African wanting to contribute towards the transformation of our country or visiting Cape Town and want to add value to your trip, we would love consider ways that you can make a contribution. Our primary focus at Linawo is the health and well-being of the children in our care. As a result, we do have a framework within which volunteers are required to operate. We also believe that it’s important to serve in an area that you’re passionate about. If it’s cleaning toilets, please come and clean toilets. If it’s making food, helping with homework, doing handwork or ironing cloths, please serve in these areas. Some areas where you might volunteer:

      Helping with homework
      Helping in the classroom (only longer-term volunteers)
      Helping with housework
      Working in the garden
      Doing repairs and maintenance around the house
      Helping to lift to appointments or with groceries
      Painting a room


We also regularly need the help of professionals:

      IT expert
      Speech therapist
      Occupational therapist


Please email  Heather to find out more about volunteer opportunities at Linawo.


Donations in kind

Any parent will know that the shopping list for a family is endless and we are reliant on contributions in kind for the care of our children. Below are some of our ongoing needs but please email for current requirements

Food Medicines/1st Aid Clothing (Email Heather for sizes)
Fruit Disinfectant (Dettol/Savlon) Shoes
Vegetables Antiseptic cream/ointment Long pants
Sugar Plasters Shorts
Maize Bandages T-shirts
Bread flour Panado (paracetamol) Warm tops
Oats Nurofen Socks
Weet-bix Colds/Flu medicine Underwear
Samp Anti-nausea
Rice Deworming (6 monthly)  
Sugar beans Anti-fungal cream
Sugar Immodium (diarrhoea)
Spaghetti Cotton wool
Toilet paper
Tea (Ceylon and Rooibos)
Long-life milk
Meat (chicken, beef, sausage)


Financial contributions

Financial contributions remain a fundamental component of our ability to care for and nurture our children. Unless donors wish to remain anonymous, we request that you please email us with confirmation of the donation so that we can track you contribution. Donate online or direct deposits can be made to one of the following:


Linawo Children’s Home (South Africa)

First National Bank

Acc no.: 622 071 600 45

Branch: Pinelands (260 209)

Business cheque account

Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

Bank’s address: Howard Centre, Pinelands

Reference: Your name and allocation*


*Allocation might be operations (daily expenses), building or education.




Acc no.: 5082 06 90661

Address: Linawo c/o Eva Frydenborg, Bolerlia 6, leil 1218, 0691 Oslo



United States of America

All donations made through Ubuntu Global Connections can be issued with a tax certificate. 100% of these funds come to Linawo. Contact Amy Gleason for more details


Online donations at


or direct deposits to:

Ubuntu Global Connections

Citizen’s Bank

97 Lowell Road

Concord, Massachusetts 01742

Routing number:  011500120

Account number:  1321907394

Swift Code:  CTZIUS33

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